Achieve more for less with a reliable remote worker

Easy Virtual Officemates will form and manage a cost-effective, productive team in the Philippines so you can focus on growing your company. We work with companies in the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand who are looking to outsource to the Philippines.

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What are the benefits?

Next Level

You need help in your business but your budget is tight, your cashflow varies per season, and hiring established pros is expensive. Don’t worry; our services can make an impact right away.

Cost Savings

With outsourcing to the Philippines, you’ll pay 20-30% of what you pay for a local employee.

Health Insurance

Employing a high-performing offshore team means you won’t have to worry about unaffordable salaries or health insurance.

Overhead Reduction

Working with us will reduce your overhead, enabling you to put more funds directly into income-boosting activities.

Act Big

Your Officemates will enable your business to grow faster with lesser costs, and give you access to expertise, higher output levels, and efficiency.

Increase Cashflow

You can focus on your core business, be more productive and increase your cashflow.

What's in it for you?

Easy Virtual Officemates:
What You Need To Know.

We handle the process of outsourcing your company’s work to offshore employees in the Philippines (e.g. recruitment, payroll).
Minimum contracts are 3 months. You can cancel a 3-month contract with a 24-hour notice. For 4 months and up, you need to give 2 week’s notice.
We recruit and screen candidates, then endorse the best fits. You do the final interview and choose your Virtual Officemate.
We provide monitoring tools that record your staff’s activities, take screenshots of their work, and show you what they’re doing in real-time.
Our Officemates can do a range of tasks, from general administrative ones to specialised functions, during any schedule you prefer.
You can communicate with your Officemates via any platform you prefer, which is not included in your rate per hour.
We can cut your staffing expenses by up to 70%. Even one-person start-ups can afford high-performing Officemates.
Many companies outsource to the Philippines because Filipinos are fluent English speakers, well-educated and computer savvy.
How it works

We ensure real quantifiable results for your business.

Step 1

Schedule a call with us

Talk about what you need, such as tasks to be delegated, skills and personality needed for the role, working hours, and budget.

Step 2

Recruitment and evaluation

This step encompasses preparing the job description, posting the job ad, screening applicants, and endorsing the top talent.

Step 3

Client interview and selection

We’ll facilitate your final interview with the endorsed candidate, after which you’ll decide who you want for the role. We’ll then send your job offer.

Step 4

Orientation and ongoing support

We’ll thoroughly orient your new Officemate on their first day. Your Account Manager will then regularly check in and see if you need anything.