Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We check with previous employers to verify the accuracy of their resumes.

After the discovery call, we will start the recruitment process by conducting screening interviews and background checks before sending candidate endorsements to you. You then conduct the final interview with our team, and make your final decision.

  • Your pay will vary depending on the Officemate you hire. 
  • Check our Pricing Page for an average cost depending on the type of role. Additionally, you may give us a budget to begin with.
  • The monthly invoice you receive covers all of the following costs: labor cost and our management fees (HR, payroll, service). 
  • You will be charged in your choice of currency. In light of this, we will be working with live exchange rates so the billing per month may vary.

The minimum contract is 3 months.

You are responsible for their telephone charges and fees. We encourage you to use platforms such as Zoom and Skype.

  • You will be charged for the extra hours using the same regular hourly rate. 
    • Full Time Officemates: Regular shifts are 8 hours + 1 hour of lunch break. Therefore, any hours above this will be considered an additional hour you'll have to pay for. 
    • Part Time Officemates: Regular shifts are 4 hours + 1 hour lunch break. Therefore, any hours above this will be considered an additional hour you'll have to pay for. 

There is no set up fee, but you do have to purchase any equipment that is required before a project starts.

Those prices are provided to give you an idea of how much it would cost to hire professionals for certain roles, but your Officemate’s actual rates might be smaller or higher depending on your requirements. The hourly cost you’ll see on a candidate’s resume represents the total cost for that employee, not including equipment if necessary.

If working full-time, Officemates usually get paid days off following either Philippine public holidays or your own public holidays. This will be agreed upon with the Officemate before the start of the Officemate’s service provision and subject to your discretion.

Philippine registered businesses has a 12% VAT on the billing invoice as required by law.

  • You will have to confirm your agreement to our Terms and Conditions, but you will NOT be asked to sign a contract that will lock you in our service. 
  • Officemates, in return, sign a contract with us so that they can perform the role they are hired for.

We will handle only HR and payroll management for you. You will have complete control over all other aspects like task delegation and work output assessment, provided that they are consistent with the initial agreements (e.g. the job description, work details and work hours).

Every Officemate who goes on-board signs a contract, which includes a confidentiality clause. If you feel that you need a separate NDA from the regular contract the Officemate signs, you can always send us a copy of your NDA for our legal team’s review and approval, and later on be signed by your Officemate.

The first 3 months is like a PAID trial period, as you are allowed to end the service with a 24-hour notice.

It is possible to increase or decrease the hours of your current contract with due notice. As per our Terms and Conditions:

  • If your contract has been effective within 1 to 3 months from its effective date, you can cancel your contract with a 24-hour notice.
  • If your contract has been effective for over 3 months from its effective date, you can cancel your contract with 14-business-day notice.
  • Having a 14-business-day notice is important for contracts longer than 3 months because:
    • It gives us time to inform your Officemate.
    • We need to process the cancellation of the contract before it can be effective.

We currently offer Officemates on a part-time (20hrs/week) or full-time (40hrs/week) long-term basis only. We aim to provide a long-lasting relationship between you and your Officemate, and an effective way for us to do that is by getting loyalty and dedication through the provision of job security.


Because you pay in advance, all hours unconsumed by the Officemate are carried over the following month’s invoice as a credit note.

  • We use a software called Teramind to track productivity, which you will have access to.  
  • Officemates work on a no-work, no pay arrangement. Therefore, this means you only pay for hours of proven work. 
  • If an Officemate is absent or not logged into the system for 1 hour or more, a credit memo equal to the Officemate’s hourly rate will be given to you for those corresponding hours, unless the Officemate was given explicit permission to make up for the lost hours.  The credit memo will be reflected on the client’s invoice the following month.
  • However, there is an exception: if you ask your Full-Time Officemate not to work during one of your local holidays (not the Officemate’s), you will need to pay the Officemate for the time off.

Our Terms and Conditions stipulate that you will prepay your Officemate’s work hours a month in advance.

  • Refunds are issued through a credit note for unused hours that are prepaid by you. This will be deducted from the amount due in your next invoice. 
  • However, for end of service, it will be credited back to your nominated bank account within 3-5 business days after the last working day of the Officemate.

You will receive an invoice on the first 2 days of each month indicating the amount to be prepaid for that month. Settlement of the invoice should be within 3 days after receipt. All prepaid hours from the previous month that were unused will be reflected and credited to your next month’s bill.

  • You can use your own currency and channel. We can talk about your preferences. 
  • Regardless of the payment method used, you will receive an invoice from us to display due amounts for the month and credit notes of unused hours, if there are any.
  • You may refer to the information below for payment channels available to clients per location.
    • US/Canada (USD, CAD)
      • Bank or wire transfer (Transferwise)
      • Paypal with a transaction fee averaging to about 3.5% billable to clients on succeeding invoice
  • Yes. 
    • 3 month contracts: Evaluations are made during the 2nd month.
    • 6 month contracts: Evaluations are made during the 3rd month. 
    • 1 year or more: Evaluations are made every 6 months. 
  • This is carried out to see if the dedicated staff member is still handling the original role they were hired to do.

Officemates are paid directly to their nominated Philippine bank accounts. We make sure that they are paid on time every time.

You can ask us to find you a replacement Officemate for the same role free of charge.

  • During the recruitment phase, your internet requirements will be communicated with the Officemate. You may also make a certain internet connection a requirement before you sign a contract. 
  • Generally speaking, we recommend to our Officemates to have a back-up internet connection they can rely on, or at least have a second possible work location for business continuity purposes. Your Officemate will be instructed to notify your Account Manager as soon as an internet connection failure occurs so you can be notified. This will also be discussed with the Officemate during the recruitment process. 
  • If the Officemate has terrible internet connection at home, we recommend using a coworking space for a strong internet connection, where your Officemate can sit.

Your Officemate can work on any pre-agreed schedule. That means they can adjust to your time zone, if needed.

Definitely. If you need a simple and easy-to-use service, there is always Skype or Zoom. All VoiP or softphone services will be handled and maintained directly by you, and are not included in the rate per hour.

It depends on your needs. It can go from general administrative tasks, to highly technical digital marketing or programming responsibilities. This is where the importance of the discovery call comes in: it helps us assess the type of support you really need and the skills that your ideal Officemate should possess.

We conduct onboarding/orientation for new Officemates, but the actual work and process training will come directly from the client.


It is your prerogative if you want to give their Officemate leave credits. Providing this benefit could be done after a performance appraisal, as an acknowledgement of the Officemate’s outstanding performance.

  • No, it is not mandatory for clients to pay the 13th month to their Officemates since Officemates are on a consultant contract. 
  • However, you are free to award bonus/es to your Officemates any time you please as a sign of appreciation for their excellent work done throughout the year, or for any other reason you deem fitting.