How it Works

Finding the Perfect Easy Virtual Officemate is easy. Here’s how its done.

1. Discovery Call

This phase is all about finding out what you need. During the discovery call, tell us about:

- The tasks you need to delegate.

- The skills and personality of the Officemate you’d want for the role. 

- The key performance indicators, deliverables and targets that your Officemate needs to meet.

- The tools, systems and software needed for the role.

- The working hours. Your Budget for the role.

2. Recruitment and Screening

In this step, we’ll:

- Create and post the job advertisement for the role on various platforms.

- Screen inbound job applications.

- Check our database for available top-rated candidates.

- Use active job boards/websites to search for suitable candidates.

- Interview candidates over Skype or Zoom. During the call, each candidate will be asked to use Skype’s / Zoom’s screen-sharing feature and visit to measure their internet connection’s performance.

- Evaluate each candidate’s suitability for the role through corresponding skills and personality tests. 

- Send you profiles of the top candidates, then discuss each with you.

3. Client interview and Selection

During this phase:

- You’ll interview each endorsed candidate via Skype or Zoom.

- You’ll then hand-pick who to hire for the role.

- We send your chosen candidate the job offer.

4. Onboarding and ongoing support

During this phase:

- We’ll orient the new Officemate to ensure they fully understand their role and our policies. If you have any special instructions, we’ll discuss it with the Officemate during this time.

- Your assigned Account Manager will give you practical tips to help you maintain a harmonious working relationship with your Officemate. 

- Your Account Manager will regularly check in and see if you (or your Officemate) need anything. You can reach out to your Account Manager at any time, especially if you encounter disputes with your Workmate.

- We highly encourage you to be involved in the onboarding of new hires to ensure your Officemates are immersed well into the role, your company culture, and the organisation itself. We will process their payrolls on behalf of you.